Film: Kadhal Konden

Director: Selvaraghavan 

Cinematography: Aravind Krishna

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


One of the unparalleled, exquisite composition either from the musician Yuvan, and from Selva’s beautiful artistic rendition made this song par above from the rest. Selva’s such a person who blends his concepts with psychological intuitions.

He adroitly blends the blue and green tone that signifies the pleasant mood of two different characters by depicting the tea estate (for green) and the rainy town (for blue). Though the crowd Girls are dancing in the frame, and then our optimal focus laid on the protagonist.The guy with the black and brown combination shows his joy then, yet prior his expressions are not brought to the limelight. The amalgamation of wrath and Joy made him to smile like he never did before. He went to a state of ecstasy there he dance with the dancers, but he never pay attention to them except the one he gives primary importance to, she is the one, Divya aka Sonia, who brought meaning for his life. She is the one who added some beautiful essence to his life. The Lavender Girl.


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