A man, whose mind is always filled and flooded with photography and film-making. Not from a modernized metropolitan city, though hailing from a little town with the aspiration of achieving something big. When I mention about my native, most of my friends go ga-ga, especially the GIRLS. In a heartbeat, they would ask me to get a silk-saree for them, yep! you guessed it correct, its KANCHIPURAM (Tamil Nadu, South India), also known for the temples and its architectures. I have been living in Chennai since 2010 onwards, to give a life and soul to my dreams. This will do about me, now! Will share more with you all about my journey in PATHFINDER.

Every man is having a dream, mine is to become a filmmaker. For that I started putting my best foot forward, to make my dream comes alive. It’s a tedious journey; its a journey to heaven. In my lexicon, heaven means film-making. I am half-way through this, but am pretty sure I am on the right way. I want to share my travel experiences I have experienced so far, and I am going to experience to reach the far, with you all in this blog. Here I will scribble my dreams, my thoughts, my inspirations.. etc.

Till my journey ends, and even after that too.